BrightEdge, the global leader in SEO

BrightEdge is an SEO platform, powered by a sophisticated big data analysis engine. It is also the only such platform currently capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, such as search, social and mobile.

BrightEdge is the global leader in SEO, helping more than 8500+ global brands and 1000+ customers to have an outstanding performance in searches.

BrightEdge offers the largest global client services organization in the industry with over 150 years (total experience of all employees) of SEO experience. The company is based in San Mateo, CA and is present globally, as shown by its extensive list of clients, including technology leaders and well-known brands.

The choice of search engine providers

BrightEdge is the basic SEO measurement solution for the biggest global search engine firms, enabling the fast adaptation of the latest SEO policies.

Web analytics and data integration

BrightEdge can be integrated with other services as well, for example with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Sharing target values (conversion rates, sales) via such integrations, enables more accurate ROI estimations.

The main advantages of BrightEdge

Data Visualization

Business strategies vary from company to company, but by the use of data graphs, everyone can easily understand and set the appropriate KPIs depending on their goals and strategies, thus enabling the adjustment of the platform to their own, unique needs.

Task prioritization

Based on the analysis of predictions and estimated results, BrightEdge sets priorities for tasks (errors to be corrected, etc.) and measurable values (keywords, etc.) to improve effectiveness, offer better insight and act as a guideline for further improvements.

SEO diagnostics function

Integrations with analytics tools, such as Google analytics for example, enable a comprehensive visualization of the most important parts, points which require outmost attention in order to achieve the target values.

Optimization Features

Enables the prediction of the impact of each optimization and the resulting ROI (return on investment), defining actions, tracking of policies and usage based on the PDCA cycle.