Multi-platform, a cloud for all Dynamic scalability, pay only for what you need High-availability, to protect your business Everything cloud-related, in one place! Go Azure with Nextscape and save both time and costs!

Nextscape and Azure

Nextscape has extensive experience with Microsoft Azure integrations, deployments and developments, including the largest domestic project in Japan. Nextscape enables you to have all tasks and milestones (from the proposal of a solution most fitting for your needs to the smooth implementation and maintenance thereafter) of your project done with the same partner.

Recent Partnership Awards

Nextscape Inc. has been awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014 Microsoft Azure Partner (System Integrator) Award for the third year in a row. (2012-2013-2014)

Nextscape was selected by Microsoft as a finalist at the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award in the in the Cloud Partner category.


Microsoft Azure Integration Consulting

Nextscape offers not only integration and deployment services for Azure, but consultation services as well. Based on the business needs and goals of clients who are considering investing in a cloud solution, or further improving their existing cloud environment, Nextscape provides unique, yet simple and efficient solution planning.

Nextscape CloudFirst

Website and Web Services Development

Nextscape offers large-scale e-commerce website, CMS and other web developments. Our know-how enables us to combine Microsoft’s Azure cloud solutions, Sitecore’s powerful CMS and e-marketing tool, and our development services into one high-quality business suite, providing our clients with the creative, intelligent and highly scalable solutions.

Nextscape's Sitecore Solutions

Media Delivery Suite

Nextscape’s experience with Azure and PlayReady enable cloud-based solutions for media distribution in a reliable and secure way. Storing and converting large amounts of content data might require enormous computing resources, Azure and its incredible scalability takes care of this issue as well as the topic of the storage requirements. Nextscape further empowers cloud based media distribution with Microsoft’s renowned DRM solution, PlayReady and further services provided by Nextscape, such as client side player development (including license management, media transcoding) for mobile devices, and streaming via CDN. Enabling our clients to have a complete solution all prepared by just one touch point, removing the time-consuming process of coordinating several companies who are all specialized in different parts of the solution but don’t have experience with the complete image. Nextscape can provide you a total solution tailored for your needs.

Nextscape's PlayReady Solutions

Back-end System Development

When you require more and more resources for your large data and maintaining your back end systems on site, Nextscape can support you with Azure solutions which emphasize the cloud characteristics which help you the most. For example, if you have to periodically process large amounts of data, but the upkeep for the required system all around the year would be too costly, we can offer you a solution, which is automatically scalable and supports concurrent processing. This saves you costs, as you only have to pay for the performance you used (whereas an own server park requires maintenance, air-condition, etc.). This also saves you time, due to the concurrent processing option you can process data which would usually take months, within only a few days.

System Migration

Nextscape provides system migration services for clients who are planning to move their systems to a cloud-environment. We offer analysis of the current system, conformity assessment for the migration to Azure and preliminary cost calculation. After this, Nextscape can again take care of all required steps for the merger. Including the complete migration itself and operation monitoring to ensure the safe and secure operation of the newly moved system.

Nextscape CloudFirst

Performance Monitoring

Nextscape can offer 24/365 monitoring services for any Azure based system in addition to the usual support, maintenance and development services. Nextscape has not only its experience to build upon, but also its good relations with Microsoft, which enable us to request changes in the system if it is really required for the sake of our client. This is again a large bonus to the reliability of the solutions Nextscape has to offer.

Nextscape CloudFirst



Even though the SLA for every solution might differ, the guaranteed availability is 99.9% or more. It is also possible to restore have up to 99.95% availability, with the use of some backup options.

The Azure cloud environment operates on a high number of servers, and in case one server failed, it is automatically separated from the cloud system.

While an on-premises system concentrates on “having a server which doesn’t fail”, and which is impossible, the Azure cloud simply filters out the machine that failed, and looks for the server.

Thanks to this, Azure is always prepared for hardware issues in the server park and has several scenarios prepared to protect your system.


On-premises systems require planning, space, and maintenance. This becomes even more important, when you have to scale up your systems, as all these will increase. If you choose Azure, you can easily scale up your system, or even have this automated for you.

Cost reduction

When a business starts, it is hard to calculate the IT infrastructure needed in the near future. With Azure’s scalability, our clients can start small, and grow in accordance with the growth of their business. Furthermore, with the PaaS system, not only hardware costs, but the OS deployment and maintenance costs can also be saved.

Global Presence

Azure has server parks all over the world, with two or more server parks deployed in every major region in Asia, Europe, the USA, Brazil and Japan for example. This enables our clients to always access the fastest systems closest to them.


One of the secrets of Nextscape’s fast pace at system planning and deployments is the partnership with Microsoft. Nextscape doesn’t have to divide its attention among hardware, OS and other platform related topics, but can instead focus on the developments and business improvement.

Disaster Prevention

Because of the many locations of the Azure server parks, even if a data center is affected by an earthquake for example, the services won’t top. There are several redundancy and backup options available with Azure, which enable our clients to have systems that never stop working.

Quality Support

Microsoft provides various levels of support for Azure. Nextscape, as a Microsoft partner, can leverage this support and further add Nextscape’s own know-how and experience, to provide the ultimate support experience for both solutions and services.

Multi-Platform Support

Even though Azure is Microsoft’s cloud environment, it is not limited to Microsoft platforms. For OS, it supports Windows and Linux operating systems. Development languages are also not limited to .Net and C# only, but include Eclipse plugin, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, etc. Apart from MS SQL, MySWL, Oracle and other databases are supported too. Even SDKs for applications based on Android and iOS are made available.