CMS and marketing tools in one solution Ease of use and the support of large content data A/B and multivariative testing Rules-based and behavioral targeting Powerful analytic and reporting tools


Also called the Sitecore Experience Platform, it goes way beyond being a simple CMS. Sitecore is a complete and powerful digital marketing platform, that doesn't simply make it easier to manage your contents, but gives you important tools to conduct marketing campaigns and to personalize your website for your client groups, giving them that much needed "welcome back" feel online.

Editing made easy

With the page editor function, you get a complete WYSIWYG solution.


You can set up confirmation rules, workflows, to avoid careless publication of contents on your website.

eMail Campaign

Using the eMail campaign feature, you can schedule email sending, target settings and set action patterns based on possible responses from your clients. (for exampel a link was clicked)

Digital Marketing

A/B multivariative tests, Personalization and other digital marketing tools are made available to you in this powerful CMS solution.

Our Strengths


Close partnership since the launching of Sitecore Japan

Since the start of Sitecore Japan in 2010, the partnership with Nextscape Inc. has grown stronger and stronger. This partnership resulted in several successful projects and satisfied clients.

sitecore London

Working with Sitecore Overseas

Nextscape Inc. keeps in touch with Sitecore outside of Japan as well, to share digital-marketing trend information. Nextscape's Sitecore team also participates in Sitecore's international events.

The most Sitecore Technical MVPs within Japan

Mr. Aoki, Mr. Akazawa and Mr. Ozaki have all been certified by the Sitecore HQ as "Sitecore MVP"s, the highest level of technical certification for Sitecore. There are further 12 SNDs and 16 CAUs at Nextscape, providing our team with a significant boost to provide the highest level of services when offering Sitecore solutions to our customers.